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.Salt and Pepper - The eyebrows, beard, and legs on a salt and pepper Schnauzer are gray or silver white. The gray is in various shades from almost silver white to almost black. This is the most popular and common color of the breed. Dec 21, 2017 · Salt and Pepper! Miniature Schnauzers used to come in every color, but now these small dogs are almost only found in black and white, or in mixtures of black and white. Today, the Miniature Schnauzer’s coat comes in three basic color patterns: salt and pepper, black and silver and solid black.

Premium Registration Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Sale. TLC Schnauzers takes pride in providing the most trusting, intelligent, loving, & loyal companions for our customers. Our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale are associated with premium registration services such as AKC, APRI and UKC. DNA tested & registered. Salt and Pepper Schnauzers vs Liver Pepper Schnauzers., Salt and Pepper Schnauzers vs Liver Pepper Schnauzers. These 2 colors can be very difficult to tell apart at birth because they both can be born the color of a brown paper bag with banded hairs. They also each have dark ears and a thick dark strip down their back with black hairs all. By contrast, the salt and pepper Schnauzer features tones that can range from a light gray to a very dark slate colored gray. At the current time, the only three colors allowed in the show ring for the Miniature Schnauzer are the solid black, black and silver and salt and pepper. Other colors can be registered by the American Kennel Club. Nov 11, 2013 · If you want the salt and pepper, then you need to buy a salt and pepper puppy. They do not look solid black as puppies, so if you have a dark coated puppy that still have much salt and pepper showing, you have a salt and pepper Schnauzers. EDIT: Black Schnauzers are not at all rare, you just may not have any in your area but that doesn't mean.

'Salt/Pepper' 'Salt/Pepper' is the most common of all colors in this breed here in the USA. 'Salt/Pepper' is banded hairs in shades of gray to black with lighter silver markings. Usually the hair tips are black but not always. This color ranges from a very dark nearly black dog to what is commonly called 'Silver'. May 31, 2013 · Black Vs. Salt and Pepper Standard Schnauzers. her friend bowzer a young black s schnauzer is the most friendly dog you could ever hope to meet - much friendlier than mine, who is very suspicious of strangers!!! whereas bowzer will run up to anyone with his tail wagging! [bone]. At Bent Birch Farm we take great pride in our Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzers and strive to produce sound, healthy, and well socialized puppies. Our puppies are painstakingly home-raised and that takes a tremendous amount of time and effort so we tend to have only one litter per year. We specialize in Super & Megacoated teacup, toy & miniature schnauzers in all colors, from Black, salt & pepper, and black & silver to livers, partis & whites!! All of our puppies are raised in our home. All puppies for sale will have their tails docked, dew-claws removed, two shots and three wormings by the time of sale. 6-8 weeks. The salt/pepper color is a combination of black and white banded hairs and solid back and solid white unbanded hairs sprinkled throughout the top hard coat. The banded hairs should predominate as this is what gives the salt/pepper schnauzer his distinctive coloration.

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