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If your cat restlessly wanders around your house at night meowing or crying, he may be suffering from an underlying medical problem that causes pain or discomfort. If you think this may be the. Aug 08, 2019 · If none of the above seem to apply to your cat and you are sincerely concerned, it’s never a bad idea to talk with your veterinarian about the reasons behind your cat running around like crazy. One possible medical explanation for overactive behavior in a cat is hyperthyroidism. 6 Hyperthyroidism tends to occur in senior cats, according to Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS. Nocturnal Instincts Another reason for your cat’s crazy behavior could be because some cats are nocturnal and become more active at night. If a cat isn't getting enough exercise during the day, it may act especially crazy. Many domestic cats spend their days alone indoors while their people are at work. More tips to stop a kitten's nighttime crying Re-direct your kitten's attention, so they will not have the time or inclination to cry. Making your kitten tired is one way to accomplish this so it will sleep more at night. Before going to bed, enjoy some play time. Get your kitten to jump, run, and pounce with a feather toy or laser light for 20.

Kathleen Dear Kathleen, Kittens love to make trouble at night! One thing you may want to try to encourage her to stay at the foot of the bed is to make a warm blanket or sheet available to her. In instances where she gets ornery, place a blanket in the dryer for 2-5 minutes, until warm, then place the blanket at the foot of the bed. Aug 12, 2007 · As for doing it at night, your kitten might feel lonely because you'll be going to sleep and not giving your kitten attention. Try giving her tons of attention about an hour or 30 minutes before.

Cats are known to sleep for extended periods of time but can be active when they’re not sawing logs. If your cat vocalizes at night while you’re sleeping, consider these reasons for your cat. Sep 28, 2015 · Your cat has been gripped by the “midnight crazies.” The “midnight crazies” is a popular name for a cat’s behavior when she plays and roughhouses in short spurts in the middle of the night. The cat may entertain herself with wild activity or jump on your bed and paw at your feet, elbows, hair, and face to get you to join in. As with all young mammals, this seemingly crazy behavior is just your kitten’s way of practicing to become an adult. Because of their predatory nature, kittens will explore new places and get used to their environment by following their instincts, which include biting, jumping and chasing after things.

When she runs around like a crazy girl, chasing after who-knows-what, that’s completely normal. If you happen upon her making weird kitty faces, it’s the same thing -- she’s being a crazy, but normal, kitten. Each feline is an individual, but expect her hyper nuttiness to go down after she’s spayed. Dec 19, 2017 · “The nighttime ‘zoomies’ or ‘crazy capering’ is common for a few reasons,” she tells Inverse. “One reason is that cats are naturally crepuscular, meaning.

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