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Examples of epitome in a Sentence Terns, nicknamed sea swallows by fishermen, are superb flying machines, the epitome of beauty on the wing. Sentence examples with the word epitome. Examples of epitome in a sentence John Terry is the epitome of the team’s never-die spirit, refusing to succumb to Bolton’s growing confidence in long balls and air pressure. 22. Times, Sunday Times 2006 They have become the. He is the epitome of good breeding He is an epitome of communal harmony. He is the epitome of elegance and simplicity. His life is an epitome of success. The slick lawyer is the epitome of creepiness: a straight-faced liar, a sneaky philanderer, and magnetically charismatic. - Lying Eyes She explains to Tom that she has tried to atone for her past deeds, his birth being the epitome of what she is trying to achieve. - The Spook's Sacrifice.

use "epitome" in a sentence He was among the first generation of astronomers to be trained with the Theoricae novae and the epitome. Philostorgius, in Photius, epitome of the Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius, book 5, chapter 1. Acacius, bishop of Tarsus 359 -?, at the same time as Silvanus of. Sentence for epitome Use epitome in a sentence A conspiracy is an epitome of humanity, with a boiling power beneath it. 10.Earl and town fought the fight of Barons and Commons in epitome. 10.I study Hickson as a miraculous engine of the very simplest contrivance; he is himself the epitome. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word epitome:. See epitome used in context: 4 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 1 definition. Jan 28, 2009 · epitome means a symbol or summary. so you could say "He is the epitome of evil" or maybe "Santa Clause is the epitome of Christmas." and i just love saying the word epitome. If anybody's still reading this, I just realized why Americans use a /dʒ/ in the pronunication of congratulations. It was probably originally pronunced /kənˌgrætjuˈleɪʃənz/, much closer to the British pronunciation. I suspect that first, the /t/ turned into a /d/, and then the /dj/ turned into a /dʒ/, giving /kənˌgrædʒuˈleɪʃənz/.

tome Sentence Examples. The tome was far heavier than she expected, made of something much different than cardboard and paper. 20. 14. The best edition is that by C. Thurot, which appears in the Recueil des historiens des croisades, tome iv. 12. 10. A French translation of. Examples of Colons and Semicolons in Sentences By YourDictionary Colons and semicolons are two types of punctuation. Colons : are used in sentences to show that something is following, like a quotation, example, or list. Semicolons ; are used to join two independent clauses, or two complete thoughts that could stand alone as complete sentences.

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